High-frequency heating technology is widely used in various applications of metal materials, e.g., soldering, brazing, hard brazing, anneal, quenching, tempering, hot shaping, metal heating and local heating of work pieces, etc.

【Elements of Hear Treatment】

High-frequency treatment is to induce and heat the surface or necessary part of a work piece with induced current. Since induced heating is highly efficient, it can heat the work piece to a very high temperature within a short period to achieve very good hardened layer so as to allow the work piece to function.
The devices include hi-frequency generator, heating coil and work piece clamp. The work piece is heated by hi-frequency and receives necessary anneal, quenching and tempering, etc. to improve the hardness or slightly soften the hardened layer, thus the work piece is provided with the feature of hard outside and soft inside, moreover, residual stress is eliminated to prevent the work piece from being bended, it is also useful for wearable occasions requiring vibration absorption.
Purpose of Anneal:
The purpose of anneal is to eliminate the internal stress of the work piece, soften the material and provide the work piece with certain tenacity so as to facilitate the subsequent processing.

Purpose of Quenching and Tempering:
Quenching is one of the basic methods to reinforce the work piece, while tempering is the heat treatment after the quenching, the work piece receiving quenching is extremely hard, which is against the subsequent procession or direct usage; the purpose of tempering after quenching is to maintain the hardness of the work piece due to quenching while improving the over-hardness that results in poor tenacity, which provides the work piece with certain ductility and durability together with improved hardness, this is just the purpose of tempering.


Induced heating has the advantages of highly efficiency, saving save time, reducing surface oxidation by fast through heating, saving material, eliminating stress, providing high sustainability, simple installation, capable of preventing the surface of work piece from decarburization, improving the quality of forge piece, extending the longevity of molds, stable performance, low and assured maintenance cost, making it a very efficient heating tool in heat treatment.

Functions and Applications

・Surface hardening treatment
・Forging heating
・Anneal, quenching and tempering
・Various heating applications
Max. Out Power 12KW/30KW
Max. Input Power 13KV / 33KV
Frequency 30-80KHZ/100-300KHZ
Dimensions 300*200*320mm
Net Weight 15kg
Max. Water Flow 8L/min
Pump 0.45HP
Max. Water Pressure 2.8kg/cm2
Water Tank Capacity 2.2L
Dimensions 110kg
Net Weight 28kg
・Full solid state power generator combined with modular construction feature maximum operation convenience.
・Available to employ IGBT or MOS FET power unit. Compact construction, high performance and low power consumption. Suitable for metal heating and temperature raising.