Induction Principle

Induction cap sealer adopts a non-contact process, with the electromagnetic induction principle, when the device is connected to the power source, a high-speed frequency-alternating electromagnetic field will be generated, which forms a inductive loop on the aluminum foil, and the fraction between molecules of the aluminum foil results in instant temperature change (temperature rise), which make the hot melt adhesive melt on the bottle opening, at the same time, weak viscous tablet between the aluminum foil and the cardboard declines rapidly and permeate into fibers of the cardboard to separate the aluminum and the cardboard. It is applicable to cap sealing for plastic bottles, glass bottles as well as nonmetallic vessels made of ceramic, etc., it achieves the sealing effect by non-contact induction to seal the aluminum foil onto the bottle openings. After sealing with aluminum film, the vessels can be provided with fine damp proof, theft proof, forgery prevention and oxidation protection performances.

ideal for industries like medicine, pesticides, food, cosmetics and lubricants.

Working principles and structural features:
the continuous induction aluminum cap sealer utilizes the electromagnetic induction principles to allow the aluminum foil to generate high temperature in a moment and then melt on the bottle opening. It has fine damp proof, mold proof and forgery prevention performances so as to extend the storage period of objects. Vessels can adopt nonmetallic materials like PE, PP, PETPS, ABS, glass or plastic, etc..